Jeanne Licurse came to yoga through her love of natural healing and holistic educations. As a homeopath and Montessori teacher she recognized and valued the intelligent conversation, the nurturing environment and the remarkable sense of well-being yoga provides.

Jeanne's certifications include SYJ-YATT, Norwalk CT, Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA, Yogapata, Wilton, CT, and Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls Levels I and II.

She is the founder of Abeille Consultant's Inc., a non-profit company devoted to teaching yoga and mindfulness in schools in NY and CT. Jeanne works one on one with yogis of all ages and athletic abilities and is currently teaching at Pure Mountain Yoga in Tannersville, NY and Scribners, Hunter, NY.



Since 2005 Ritu has been working with Reiki and subtle vibrational healing mechanisms to create unimaginable shifts in our bodies, which are made up of 70% water.  Her focus is on balancing the emotional, spiritual & energetic aspects of ourselves. 


She believes that the mind is like water...  when it is turbulent, it is difficult to navigate our lives clearly and with grounded compassion.  When the mind is calm, everything becomes crystalline.   

She & George first met when she treated his drinking water with a light system that carries healing energies.