La Mer Steinway

By George H. Lewis

George details the beauty and numinosity of water on the Model M Steinway.

La Mer Steinway is a continuation of his journey to reveal the profound relation between oceans and cosmos.

Please visit Steinway & Son's Limited Editions page to find more information regarding La Mer Steinway

Private healing sessions

Here, George holds a healing session using different modes of vibrational therapy. 

Please contact George here to schedule your very own healing session.

A commissioned work

This painting is just under 6 feet tall and it is acrylic on canvas. The focus here is on light, both on the water and through the water. Luminescence in a word.

Here, an animation of the painting gives off a hypnotic quality blurring the boundaries between linear time and spiral flow. Look at the spray/foam and observe how it evolves from one individual expression into a whole new reality.

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