"Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see.  It is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought.  All it takes is faith, if you're open to it."

Dr. Masaru Emoto

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Jupiter in Pisces

 Everyone has Jupiter somewhere in their chart. It is located in 1 of the 12 astrological houses. 

Every zodiac sign has a planetary ruler and a select few of them have both a modern ruler and an ancient ruler. One of these signs is Pisces. The ruling planets for Pisces are Neptune, the modern ruler, and Jupiter, the ancient ruler. 

Jupiter, King of the Gods, is associated with optimism, faith, healing, and aspirations to understand the higher self. Neptune is the God of the Seas. It represents dreams, compassion, psychic receptivity as well as the collective conscious and the collective unconscious. 

Neptune also rules addiction, depression, and deception. It dominates thoughts of self-sabotage and self-inflicted cruelty to one's own psyche. However, one can develop deep mystical knowledge through a positive connection with Neptune. 

Neptune is traveling through the sign of Pisces until 2027. This only happens every 165 years, so the current time is significant. Water is trying to get our attention, as we are, after-all, 70% water. 

Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac, is a cosmological environment that is associated with water and spirituality. Pisces is all about compassion and synthesis rather than analysis. It represents high intuition and psychic powers.

Jupiter in Pisces is at its apex of power. It is most adept when it is working in its own domain/house because it's able to use its own qualities. George H. Lewis has his Jupiter in Pisces--he uses his energies and gifts for the purposes of healing others and the planet by contributing to a collective transcendence.


 We are all light and vibration. Our enslavement is our perception of our own reality. At this time of transition we are witnessing a barrage of control, censorship, and fear. This is all very deliberate in order to keep us in polarity and distracted from becoming self-sovereign.

The purpose of this website is to show that consciousness lies outside parameters of the logical/linear left brain and must be integrated and balanced with the right brain as we enter a new paradigm.

We are breaking the illusion. More people are waking up and beginning to question the system; we see the glitch in the matrix, reevaluating our perceptions and asking questions that we wouldn't have asked before. Our consciousness is expanding and as it does, it begins to go beyond the prism of our five senses.

It's very important that we develop our own practice of quiet meditation and prayer as we bear witness to the many disclosures that are emerging. When we apply the correct frequency to the situation at hand our immune system is emboldened and fortified--we will be able to feel our own unique divinity and we are healed through our own self knowledge.  

Water is Life

 You cannot have consciousness without the dimension that water represents: depth. Our consciousness must be like oceans: infinitely mysterious and deep, while ranging in multiple forms from solid ice to the mist of vapor.

Astrologers often look back to world mythologies for a deeper understanding of the present phenomena. Over the millennia, across cultures, water has been quite rightly revered as a source of life. 

We, as humans, are 70% water. And our blood's salt and ion content is remarkably similar to the salt and ion content of the


Neptune, the planetary energy most associated with water, has been richly endowed with watery symbolic weight. Jupiter, the planet known for miracles and healing, has been revered for being religiously and spiritually inclined.The 12th sign & 12th house of the natal chart, Pisces is said to encapsulate aspects of all the zodiac signs. It is sensitive, porous, and flexible, and like its namesake water, it absorbs and adapts to its surroundings.

We must also remember that Pisces is a uniquely two-sided planet. Let's not forget that one of the rulers of Pisces, Neptune, represents illusion and deception. We have been bombarded with lies disguised as the truth. Insidious misinformation infiltrates our lives on a daily basis through countless modes of communication. Awakening from a shadow that has been casting such darkness may feel too heavy to lift off of ourselves and this world.

However, it is time to set ourselves free and become self-sovereign.

Neptune's watery symbolism bears great weight in today's world where water has become a source of great ideological struggle. Is water a commodity to be sold as any other product would be by multinational corporations? Is it not a powerful blue covenant; the common heritage owned by the collective? Is it not a constantly transforming entity that's in service to us all and all species as much as we are in service to it as we cohabit this beautiful planet?


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