Curtis James Nielsen is a Certified International Breathworker and Jungian Dream Therapist, Actor, Artist, former Hedge Fund Manager, and student of Depth Homeopathy. 


Curtis is a founding member of a 20-year Elder Men's Group in New York City, and leads his own Men's Groups in New York and Baltimore. He holds a black belt in Martial Arts, is an avid wilderness explorer and Eagle Scout. He uses creative, intuitive, and action-oriented approaches to support men in living with full potency in their bodies, hearts, minds, imaginations and Spirit. This work leads to the development of true vocations and healthier relationships.



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George details the beauty and numinosity of water on the Model M Steinway.

'La Mer Steinway' is a continuation of his journey to reveal the profound relation between oceans and cosmos.

Please visit Steinway for more information on 'La Mer Steinway'.