Jupiter In Pisces 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


 We are all light and vibration. Our enslavement is our perception of our own reality. At this time of transition we are witnessing a barrage of control, censorship, and fear. This is all very deliberate in order to keep us in polarity and distracted from becoming self-sovereign.

The purpose of this website is to show that consciousness lies outside parameters of the logical/linear left brain and must be integrated and balanced with the right brain as we enter a new paradigm.

We are breaking the illusion. More people are waking up and beginning to question the system; we see the glitch in the matrix, reevaluating our perceptions and asking questions that we wouldn't have asked before. Our consciousness is expanding and as it does, it begins to go beyond the prism of our five senses.

It's very important that we develop our own practice of quiet meditation and prayer as we bear witness to the many disclosures that are emerging. When we apply the correct frequency to the situation at hand our immune system is emboldened and fortified--we will be able to feel our own unique divinity and we are healed through our own self knowledge. 

It is critical that we nurture and protect our mind, soul, and body during this transitional time. I want to offer individualized healing services to those that wish to fortify themselves. Please visit here to learn about the different types of services available to you.